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The clients for these products include senior government officials in over 50 countries, as well as numerous officials working in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Leticia Molinero has done an excellent job on each and every one of those documents. Overall, the quality of her work has been outstanding."
Aysel Basci, President
International Debt Management Corporation

Our Medical Center requires the translation of clinical studies and related informed consents to secure participation in clinical trials. Leticia Molinero has consistently delivered translations that are both medically accurate and clear to understand by our patients. She pays special attention to finding the right register to make these communications as easy as possible to convey the critical messages involved. I commend her disciplined professionalism and promptness in providing translation services."
Dr. Magaly Garcia, Coordinator, Hispanic Translation Center
Columbia University Medical Center

The New York County District Attorney’s Office has retained the services of Leticia Molinero Translation Studio on numerous occasions for interpreting and translation work in multiples languages. We have been satisfied with the work they have completed for us."
Jeannette Molina, Administrative Assistant District Attorney
New York City District Attorney's Office

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